Javier R. Valenzuela

Welcome to Golden Eagle Wealth Management,

We are living in a time of drastic change now  with COVID 19 in 2020.

We are here to help and review your individual  financial portfolios and customize a financial plan for you and  your family. Questions to consider now.

  • How much monthly retirement income will you need?

  • Is my 401k invested properly for my age group and risk profile?

  • Will my Lifestyle change in retirement?

  • Should you downsize your home or relocate?

  • Do I have market downside protection in my investment portfolio?

  • What about Medicare and Social Security benefits?

  • Will you leave a Legacy (Living Trust/Estate Planning) to your family?

  • Do I have my beneficiaries designated correctly in my life insurance policies?

If these topics are important to you, let's schedule a meeting!

We also work with these retirment plan groups.

LACERA, LAFPP, LACERS, CALPERS, LAUSD, TSP , State of California, and many more with 401k, 403b, and 457 plans.



Javier R. Valenzuela


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